Model Story Song Hye Kyo - Laneige & Song Hye Kyo / January, 2008, Laneige greeted a new model, Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo, a top-lined model with clear and clarified kin alluring eyes, and voluminous lips. After having outgrown her cute and girlish image and having added the more stylish and chic urban lady image, she became a select appearance as the muse of young premium brand Laneige.

Model Story Song hye kyo

Model Story Song Joong Ki - Laneige Homme and Song Joong Ki / Song Joong Ki will be the face of total grooming brand Laneige Homme starting 2013, Famous for his flawless skin and soft “good boy” looks, His image is the perfect match for the trendy, sophisicated Laniege Homme Product line, Having appeared in numerous television series and movies, He is rising star in Asia’s popular culture and the perfect model for a global Brand that can be found in thirteen countries worldwide.

Song Hye Kyo Beauty & Health Tip - She has the smooth and healthy skin that looks brightened without wearing any makeup. However, she’s more likely to have dryness trouble on her cheek area undergoing a series of shots so that she works more hydration care into her basic makeup routine. For the basic makeup, she never skips wearing a sun block, but tries to naturally express the bright look using the light tone Laneige Dual Foundation.  Her favorite lipsticks are natural-covered ones with peach-or rose using the bathing scent product. 
						Since she made her debut, she’s dedicated herself to working out in the fitness center. Her secret workout tip is to relax the muscle by stretching before and after workout. She hangs on to the well-being life style by drinking 1.5 liter of water each day, avoiding fast food, and enjoying slow food. She leans toward eating fish and vegetables instead of meat.

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Water Sleeping Pack_EX - Light gel-type texture provides ntensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation

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Silk Intense Lipstick - Lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors

Lipstick Making Story - With the vivid color and high clarity technology, the color of the lipstick is directlytransferred to the lips in a silky texture and only a single application is enough forbeautifully defined lips. Including two colors inspired by Song hye Kyo, ten clear and healthy colors are presented. 'For me , lipstick is like earrings. If choosin.g the right lipstick completes your makeup with perfection!'

Song Joong Ki Beauty & Health Tip - I have to wear makeup more often than other men due to my profession as an actor. No matter how light the makeup is, I always rinse it off thoroughly  after a day at work with a facial cleanser. My skin is on the dry side, so I always drink Plenty of water and apply moisturizing cream all-year round. I try to get a good night’s sleep no matter how hectic my schedule is, wearing sleeping pack to boost my skin. Not only does this help me get better sleep; my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated when I wake up. I never forget to wear sunscreen even if I go out for a short period of time. I like using BB cream that contains SPF because it protects my skin and make it look even and healthy. 
						I go to the gym and play soccer a lot, so I do not really watch what I eat. When I do not have enough time to work out due to my shooting schedule, however, I like to do stretches, pushups, and other bear-hand exercises to stay lean. I usually try to keep a rouitne.

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LANEIGE Homme CF Story(Song Joong Ki, every girl’s dream come true, Comes to you with Laneige Homme) - Song Joong Ki’s first advertisement with Laneige Homme was inspired by the fact that what women see in a man tends to be different from what men consider attractive. The advertisement will establish Song as the ideal man in the eyes of women, suggesting Laneige Homme products as a must in becoming one.  Song surprised the staff the moment he entered the studio. Well-known for his rigorous self-management, his skin was clear and glowing, enough to draw the attention of any crowd. 
					He shared some of his skincare secrets. “Men’s skin is more vulnerable to damage because it lacks oxygen compared to women’s skin.
					I never forget to moisturize no matter how hectic my schedule is.”Having already published a book on skincare, he had thorough knowledge of the issue. No doubt, he was the right face for Laneige Homme, a grooming brand. The advertisement shoot went smoothly. When the photo shoot was over, the photograph hardly needed any touch-up. That is how the Laneige Homme Active Water Cream advertisement came to be.
					The product, laneige Homme Active Water Cream, has higher oxygen content than other moisturizing creams, making it fast-absorbing and long-lasting.  Formulated for men’s skin, the moisture lasts 24 hours. Song recommended Laneige Homme Active Water Creat to the male staff at the shoot. No doubt, some already mad a purchase.